"Here I AM"

Throughout our lives, when we pause and listen, we can hear God calling and inviting us to participate. We can respond by saying, "Here I Am" and by offering our time, talent, and possessions.

Money is always an awkward topic. Especially when connected to the church. But one truth seems to remain, that there will always be need in the world, and the church is called to respond to this need.

We ask that you share what you have, and in turn, we will share what we have - not just from the abundance that has been given to us, but from the devotion and dedication inspired in us by God's Invitation.

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Next year, we’ll be celebrating 175 years as a church. Can you believe it? Not a bad track record for a church’s ministry.


We started out in the home of a German immigrant baker, and as the church grew, moved around until settling in our current building. If Trinity closed its doors today, it would certainly have given much to the East Village, and made it a better place.


Trinity’s ministry though, has never been just about a building. We are about service -- service to our neighbor and God’s service to us. In looking back at our past, and looking forward to the next 175 years, it’s obvious to us, our journey isn’t over. 


In times like these, we need to continue to grow and adapt in our service, both our ministries and outreach, but also in our physical building. 


We need your assistance in continuing our ministry for the next 175 years.

We need our current building to grow to help us keep our commitments and provide opportunities to grow and expand the way we serve.


These improvements will also allow us to continue to be good stewards to the Earth, being more energy efficient.

Some of the upgrades include new energy efficient lighting, doors with the potential of solar power, and a redesigned community space to better serve our guests and the community at large.

We would like to ask you to consider pledging a special gift that can help us with these important building renovations. Maybe you could afford a $5,000 pledge over two years or a $1000 gift over one year? Or maybe you can afford $100 and you hope to give it this year, but you’re not sure.

Our journey isn’t over.


We are about to embark on a new commitment to the Lower East Side.  We thank God for the vision and faith that has moved our church over the past two centuries and look forward to where God is calling us to serve. 


Please pledge your gift today