Calling & Free: A Hymn Festival Celebrating 500 Years of Reformation

As we embark on the 500th year anniversary of the Reformation, Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish, partnering with other New York City churches, is hosting a series of hymn festivals called Calling & Free. The hymn festivals will celebrate the musical traditions of an ever changing Church.

Our next hymn festival, is coming up on Wednesday, May 10th, 2017. We will celebrate the musical traditions of our ecumenical partners.

The Hymn Festival is free and open to all. Come and sing with us!

Music will be provided. Join us for a reception following the hymn festival.

Upcoming Hymn Festivals, and FAQs

May 10th, 2017 - 7pm

The last hymn festivals brings Trinity Lower East Side together again with Gustavus Adolphus, Christ Lutheran Church, along with the Presbyterian USA worshiping community, Not So Churchy.

This festival looks back at the musical history of our ecumenical partners, but also tries to glimpse at the future of church music, and where the Church is finding new ways to reform itself.


At the first hymn festival on October 26, 2016, we partnered with other ELCA churches, Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church, and Christ Lutheran Church, to explore the music of the Lutheran Reformation, in addition to music that continues to reform the church today.



What is a Hymn Festival?

A hymn festival, sometimes referred to as a hymn sing, is a program of hymns, sung by a group of people gathered together. This particular hymn festival thematically celebrates the Reformation, but it's also a celebration of church music. A hymn festival allows the singer a chance to sing songs and appreciate music in a setting that is seperate from Sunday morning.

Is this a church service?

No. This is not a church service. While the music is Christian in content and origin, this is not a "Sunday morning" church service. There is no preaching, no communion. this is just a celebration of music and singing.

Is there audience participation?

Yes! But the good kind, not the awkward kind. At a hymn festival, everyone gets the music for the hymns to be sung, and as the hymns come up, everyone sings along. The occasional verse will be sung by a soloist or led by the choir, but mostly it's sung by the people there. You can sit in your seat and sing as loudly or as quietly as you like (although, it's a lot more fun with everyone sings.)

Can anyone come?

Yes! All are welcome. You don't have to go to a church to come. Perhaps you just like singing, or enjoy church music, but don't enjoy Sunday morning worship. That's fine! This hymn festival is really designed for any and all people to come and enjoy. The mission of this hymn series is simply to open up, celebrate, and share the music of the church.